With one cunning and subtle blow I will take down betteridgeslaw.com  without resorting to anything humdrum like a DoS attack. No – this article itself is the weapon, payload and delivery.

The title of this article is –  Should this post be featured on Betteridge’s Law .com? The title obviously ends with a question mark and this article is itself a candidate for Betteridge’s Law and inclusion on the site. However here is the paradox.
  • If the article is included on betteridgeslaw.com then the answer to the question Should This Post Be Featured On Betteridge’s Law .com? will be a clear ‘yes’. In which case the article is not an example of Betteridge’s Law and so should not be included on the site.
  • Now consider the opposite, where the article is not included on betterisdgeslaw.com.  In this case we have an article with a headline that ends in a question mark where the answer is ‘no’. It’s a clear case of Betterindge’s Law but is not being included on the site when it clearly should be included.

We have a paradox. This article can neither be included on the site, nor not included on the site. I fully expect betteridgeslaw.com to be instantly vaporized in a puff of existential quandary. Don’t mess with my shit guys!

Are you concerned about crossing an actuary? We are pretty dangerous when provoked! If you run a website and are worried about existential paradoxes vaporizing your site then leave a comment below.

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