New Course! Create a kickass financial independence spreadsheet – for beginners

What a great course! It's short enough for my attention span, but packed with practical tools and information! I will certainly revisit this course from time to time to keep my knowledge fresh.
Individuals looking to understand their future financial position will benefit greatly from the usage of this tool
Very well done
I've tried a bunch of online retirement planners but they locked out too many formulas, couldn't handle the number of types of income and expenditure I will have, or didn't tell me enough about how they were calculating the numbers for me to be sure that it was valid
Caroline N
I'm enjoying watching a professional guide us through the process
The single best tutorial on finance modeling at the beginner level I've seen
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There are many tools out there to help you achieve your financial independence goals. But to me they either seemed to lack the flexibility I needed. Or were too simple, too complex, or they lacked transparency

I really hope you enjoy using this, and my goal is to help you meet your financial and life goals