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Month-One Blog Report (that I didn’t want to produce dammit!)

Oh geez you guys have pushed me to it! I really wanted to avoid blogging about blogging and producing a blog report. However I’ve read so many monthly reports, and in particular, month-one blog reports that I feel sidelined. But don’t expect some kind of uber organized plan from me here, because you will be sorely disappointed.

There are so many superb blogs around, and having had the insight from reading the blog reports I can see the work that people are putting into it. So stop! You’re making me look bad! I’ve read about the eye-wateringly high goals that some of you are setting. I’ve also heard you talk about stunningly frequent posting schedules and sophisticated social media strategies, so I can see the significant effort it takes to succeed.

Believe me when I say that I am there cheering you along. Go for it, your success puts fuel on the fire for all of us that are passionate about the personal finance space. I’m inspired, awe-struck, envious, and slightly exhausted being dragged along in your wake. But it’s all good, I’m learning from you, and energized by you.

What about me?

As for me, what rings my bell? My key success in month one was writing three articles [How to Build a Kickass FI Spreadsheet, Have Actuaries Abandoned FI? and Actuaries versus Financial Independence Smackdown! ]. I set myself the goal that if I could write three decent articles then I would sign up for a web host and get this thing off the ground. I did it, and here I am; albeit slightly bewildered.

I really didn’t understand the implications of the steep learning curve I would have to climb. Scaling the WordPress mountain, crossing the sea of themes, navigating the swamp of plugins; but I’ve done it! My primary ongoing goal throughout this month has been to get my ideas down on a page, tidy them up, and get out one post a week. Success – I done it!

So that’s why you find me now at 30,000 feet on a long-delayed flight sitting in the dark with my headphones jammed in and furiously bashing on the keyboard. I’m returning from another long work trip back to my family, and that’s precisely why you won’t (often) be seeing more than one post a week, and you won’t be getting anything more than a laughably amateurish Pinterest strategy from me, because my top priority is my family.

Looking back on the month

Looking back, it’s been a good first month, with 1,000 (1) readers like you paying me a visit. I imagine that you’re standing on the subway squinting at your phone, or squeezed onto a bus seat on your commute, or stealing a few minutes at work, in order to spend 2’03” (2) in my company. And that makes me proud. If you have as little spare time as I do, then I take your visit seriously. I want to make your visit as informative and as fun as possible. If I can enrich you ever so slightly in 2’03” and over your 2.06 page views per session then this enterprise will have been worth it.

However, if you are one of the 14 people who commented over the month then I have reserved a very special place in my heart! For you commenters I am humbled that you have taken the time to make a connection. We have something special between us – huh? Maybe not at the stage where we have a special song, but perhaps by month two I might suggest Taylor Swift’s “Our Song” if that works for you? (Or perhaps that’s doesn’t jive with the grey-suited actuary vibe I was going for).

So what are my targets for month two? I want to make you laugh, make you smile and make you think. I want to challenge any norms, push some buttons and bring us together as a community. Personal finance is one of those few opportunities in life that is truly a win-win. Your success is my success and if I can contribute in an ever such a small way then this will have been worth it. 

What do you think? Am I setting my sights too low? Not pushing the envelope, stuck in the amateur lane? Drop me a note below, or just say “hi”.


(1)    Actually, 993, but that is “1,000” between friends, right?

(2)    Yes, you guessed it, I’ve learnt about google analytics

10 thoughts on “Month-One Blog Report (that I didn’t want to produce dammit!)”

  1. I did my first month’s report at the end of July and had around 1200 page views. However, I had not yet taken myself out of the Google Analytics equation. When I finally did that, it was towards the end of the month. I just went with the number. My second month, August, I had only 800 page views because I didn’t post much. However, I had a lot more engagement and showed up more in organic searches.

    Your first month was a success. It’s how you follow up, not necessarily this month, that’s important to me. Good job!

    1. Darren – thanks for the encouraging words! I think our special song will be something from the Nickelback canon.

  2. I’d call this a win. Would love to see more analysis on your goals though 🙂

    (Just personal curiosity)

    Keep up the blogging!

  3. Not doing the same as some others, doesn’t equal having low ambitions 😉 Really like your writing style and you can be proud of what you achieved! Just crossed the one year myself, and can relate with not having (or choosing) the time to do more than one post per week.

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