Welcome – thanks for visiting the site! I’m not actually on fire but I am an actuary on FIRE.

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A little more about me...

I am late to the game on financial independence (FI) but have a rough five year plan. It’s rough since I’m not totally sure whether the next phase of my life will involve working full-time or not. More on that in a later post.

My current full-time work is pension and investment advisory work. I advise companies on their pension plans and investment strategies. Does that make me qualified to talk about FI? You can judge that from the content you find here.

I’m fascinated by the huge difference in philosophy and financial strategies between the FI community and the establishment of actuarial thought and institutional investing. In particular, I want to explore in this blog the intersection of these two worlds. Can one inform the other, or will they forever remain neighbors refusing to make eye contact and not sharing cups of sugar?

Actuary, finanacial indepence

I also like yoga, pull-ups, cooking and hiking but not all at the same time.

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